IT Reporting

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When operating a large IT infrastructure, a vast amount of usage and operation data is generated. The raw data which is provided by probes, hardware components or service providers have to be stored, aggregated and evaluated. netextend uses data independent of the source device or provider.

netextend is supporting corporations on an individual basis to use and interpret this data.
Key components of our tailor made reporting solutions are for example:

  • Baselining
  • Recognising bottlenecks and overcapacities
  • Provide detailed and executive 1-page reports
  • Generating reports in various formats (Excel, Graphics, XML, …)
  • Generating alerts by mail or SMS when defined thresholds are exeeded
  • Web based dashboard

netextend’s reporting solutions are service based, whith zero-maintanance on the customer side.

An example of a customised reporting for a specific customer need : right_arrowVPN access reporting example

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